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Bill Audit
No Success. No Fee.
We'll check current and historic charges. If we find errors we'll recover any overcharges as a cash rebate and put you on a better tariff.

Switch Supplier
Less Cost. Better Service.
Aqua Team has supported hundreds of Scottish clients to switch supplier and secure a better service - with up to 20% savings on their bill! We will offer this service in Engand from April 2017.

Water Audits
Avg. 40% Reductions
Whatever your type of business, chances are our team of surveyors will find wastage and opportunities for cost reductions. We provide a free initial assessment and low-cost fixed pricing.

Invoice Management
No Hassle. Online KPI's
Aqua Team manages and pays thousands of bills for its clients, relieving them of a huge adminstrative burden and giving them total confidence their payments are correct.

Bill Analysis - Our Service Explained

Cash Rebates & Savings

There is a huge amount of incorrect charging for water services across the entire UK. In many cases this means our clients have overpaid huge sums of money over many years. We recover this money as a cash rebate, at the same time ensuring your rolling charges are reduced.

No Stone Unturned

We analyse all elements of your bill, ensuring you have been charged correctly since your date of occupation. Our assessment includes water supply charges, sewerage charges, surface water drainage charges, meter charges and trade effluent charges. Where necessary, we will undertake a thorough survey of your site to validate key information. This is included in our fees.

No Success. No Fee.

We offer our Bill Analysis service on a completely risk-free basis. If we dont secure you a cash rebate or an independantly verified reduction in your charges - you wont pay us a penny. No risk. No obligation.

Value & Service

Our commission rates are the best in the market - and completely transparent, with no hidden costs or extras. We work closely with the water companies to recover rebates as quickly as possible, escalating claims where required to get you the best possible result. We place no administrative burden on you and keep you fully informed at every stage.

Six Year Recovery

A key benefit of our services is that we usually recover six years worth of historical overcharges (and very often more). Individual claimants would normally only receive a one-year rebate in line with water company charging schemes. We achieve this through our knowledge of various legal precedents and legacy issues relating to water company errors, which we use to fight your corner.

Paid Direct to You.

We do not hold or handle your cash rebate at any time. Rebates are paid directly to your bank account from the water company. Once you have received your rebate, we will invoice you just like any other supplier.

Check for Cash Rebates and Savings Now. All We Need is Your Bill.

Send us your billing information now and we'll send you a free report detailing any cash rebates and savings opportunities available.
Check Now!

About Us

Over the years our clients have told us:

  • They don’t know how to check their charges are correct.
  • They would consider switching supplier, but don’t know which is the best deal or who to trust.
  • They find water and sewerage charges complicated and confusing.
  • Water bills are dull and cause them an administrative headache.
  • They know they are wasting water, but don’t understand what to do about it.
  • They have queried high charges, but the water company says they are correct and don’t know what to do next.
  • They don’t have time to think about water costs.
Well, we listened. Aqua Team was created to overcome these problems. We packaged up our water expertise and developed services which are easy to understand, risk free and which deliver tangible results.
But enough about us… let talk about you. If any of our client's comments ring true with you, please contact us now – or simply send us your bill and we’ll send you a free, no obligation report detailing the opportunities available.

Why Choose Us

  • Risk Free

    Our bill analysis service is risk free. If we dont secure you a rebate or saving, you wont pay us a penny. In addition, our fixed price services are the most competitive in the market.
  • Proven Results

    We have secured £M's in cash rebates and savings for clients across the entire UK. We have worked in every water company area - and we get results!
  • End to End Service

    Aqua Team employs some of the best people from across the utility sector. Our teams include billing experts, surveyors, civil engineers and project managers. We aim to provide a full spectrum of services and ensure our clients achieve maximum savings.

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